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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

We all look at the little bed/bath/car icons on our real estate portal of choice.  We all know what we are looking for right? Four-five bedrooms, two bathrooms and a double lock up garage or a one bedroom without a car space.  Whatever it may be, those little icons are a beacon for us.

The second thing many people do is to flick through the photographs and see if the bathrooms and kitchen are renovated or old.  Carpet or floorboards? Does it have a view? I prefer to go straight to the floor plan.  That’s where the gold is.

Recently, I found a terrace that ticked the boxes for the client I was looking for.  Three beds, two baths and a great street.  But the floor plan was … well let's just say “Disappointing”. The three bedrooms were on the first and second floors which is pretty standard for inner city terrace houses.  But both bathrooms were on the ground floor.  At the rear. Quite literally side by side!  As far away from the bedrooms as they could possibly be.

Professional curiosity got the better of me and I wandered along anyway to see if it made any more sense in the flesh (so to speak).  It didn’t.  Not only were the bathrooms as far from where they should have been as possible, they also completely isolated a nice sized courtyard from the kitchen and living areas. Almost worse again (in my mind) was that they were not only pretty much brand new, but done to a high standard.

What a waste!  No doubt the owner knew that having a second bathroom was a good thing so he simply added it in the easiest possible spot.  He got the little website 'icons' right but not much else.  The bottom line is that a good layout is way more important than worrying if the bench tops are laminate or granite. 

A kitchen can be easily updated for $10,000-50,000.  Same goes with bathrooms.  But reconfiguring a property's layout will cost you ten times the money, more time than you can imagine (& possibly your sanity!).

There is always value in great property. Find it. Buy it. Love it!

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